Фото: даже с такими формами можно успешно заниматься йогой

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ФОТО: Instagram

В Instagram набирает популярность любительница йоги из Канады, которой не мешает тренироваться даже излишний вес.

«Я начала заниматься йогой в 2010 году, и тогда я даже не думала, куда меня это приведет», - вспоминает девушка.

«Я начала тренироваться, чтобы сделать свое тело более гибким и сильным. Также я знала, что йога оздоравливает организм как изнутри, так и снаружи», - добавила она.

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Make this path yours, make this journey truly yours. To some none of us are ever Yogi enough. Our shape isn’t right. Our asana practice isn’t right. Our clothing isn’t right. But that is just noise, judgments that need to be set aside. I see many “yogis” who are so judgmental of others, it literally makes me sad. Who feel they are more enlightened and “ knowing” because they are a yogi. Set the titles, the judgment aside, and be at peace♥️ We are all here to practice in our way We are all here for peace, love, and to be in a judgment free zone Where we can flow, take the journey into the self, with confidence and safety. Lets remember that, When ego and judgment try to take over. Put it aside and breathe. Let those fall away, like peeling layers off. And just be happy yoga has connected so many of us, for love and unity. _ Wearing my favourite @aloyoga ♥️ #aloyoga #loveyourself #loveyourbody #curvyyoga #practiceandalliscoming

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Yoga is for everyone. ✨There is more then one way to do an asana✨ Yoga does not judge It simply welcomes you to your mat and for you to practice your practice However your practice looks is awesome Whatever you wear is amazing ♥️ The yoga practice, to me I feel, just wants you to come to your mat and begin the journey. Have more love, peace, and happiness in your life ✌✌♥️ Size, flexibility, age. It doesn’t matter. Yoga. Does. Not . Judge. Theres so much body shaming, practice shaming, shaming and judgment in general lately in regards to those who do Yoga. I don’t quite understand it. I am very sorry that so many are being shamed and judged for their practice, size, clothing. I send love to those who have decided it is appropriate to shame someone else and their practice, because clearly there is something else going on behind the scenes for them, that they end up taking it out on others. Making a shaming or judgemental comment on someone else’s page, even through a screen, is no different then going up to that person in public and telling them it. We should all be conscious of what we write and remember, there is a person on the other side of that screen. They read those comments. They feel what you write. Be mindful. _ _ Feeling like a empowered goddess in this @aloyoga outfit. _ #aloyoga #beagoddess #beyourself #loveyourbody #practicepracticepractice #yogaisforeveryone #hanumanasana #splits

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Who am I? _ I am a dreamer, I envision what I want, and I accomplish it. I was a traveler, and will be again one day, traveling to places not necessarily far from home - some the prettiest places are in your own country. I spent a few months at 16 going across Canada and loving it. I travelled because I wanted to find something I was missing. I just didn’t know what it was. I am a free spirit in a way, I don’t handle being told I “must” do something. If someone tries to corner me into doing something or tries to tell me I have to do X, I will bolt as fast as possible. I need freedom and the option to say no if I don’t feel it is right for me. I always have to have options. I am a survivor of abuse and I spend a lot of my time now writing down all the things I wish I had heard when I was going through tough times, or when I hated my body. _ I don’t worry about what I wear anymore. I spent far too much time worrying about others options. I am living my life in my true authentic self. I am sharing my passion on helping others love themselves - something I wish I had, had in my younger years. _ I chose my name on here because I was very much a Gypsy in my teens and I still am at heart, mind, and one day I will be in terms of travel again. I do Yoga and practice has made me whole. I share Love on my page and it has been the thing I feel we need more of in life. _ That is some of who I am. I am always discovering something new about myself, helping me mold into who I am in that present time. _ | @mikayogawear | | #yogajournal #mikayogawear #gypsysoul #loveyourbody #loveandalliscoming #yogaeverdamnday |

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There is no circumstance where a women wearing a bikini or short shorts or no bra hurts you. There is no reason to spread hate over something so ridiculous. I see it ( and even aimed at myself) so damn often If a women wants to post in that then that is her business. You can unfollow, you can block, but to spread hate over such a dumb thing? Doesn’t matter if its for attention, or any other reason, Lets just start letting people be comfortable with their bodies, stop all the negativity the world has on it. And also. Yoga has nothing to do with how much or how little of clothing you wear, your not any less of a yogi if you wear a little clothing, or a lot.✌ _ And to all my loves out there, if no one has said it today, you are gorgeous and you rock that outfit ❤️ _ #sideplank #bikiniyoga #positivity _ . . . . #practice #yogainspiration #namaste #yogalife #yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yoga #bodyheartandsoul #yogaforlife #yogapractice #yogi #asana #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #flexible #contortion #yogisofinstagram #yogapose #igyoga #yogastrong #gypsy #yogaaddict #love #loveandalliscoming

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I've been getting a lot of DM's asking where to start yoga as a beginner All I have learned has been done online/self taught. I've tried out lots of programs and techniques and have found what works for me. But to start, I did a lot of yoga though online programs. The 2 I recommend for beginners is @omstarsofficial - 300+ classes with lots aimed for beginners and health/food videos as well. You can use code GYPSYYOGA for 1 month free ( complete access to everything) to test it out and see if the programs offered work for you. My other recommendation is @codyapp - they have a lot of yoga / food plans and great content. Once you have a solid base you can start building your own practice and crafting a practice that works for you. But to start out those are a couple great options for now if you just need somewhere to start. #straddlesplits #aloyoga . . . . . #practice #yogainspiration #namaste #yogalife #yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yoga #bodyheartandsoul #yogaforlife #yogapractice #yogi #asana #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #flexible #contortion #yogisofinstagram #yogapose #igyoga #yogastrong #gypsy #yogaaddict #love

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Trusting ourselves is one of our greatest gifts. Tomorrow is Day 11 of #LoveOurBodies I would like you all to really dig deep and trust yourself. Trust your feelings, trust your body, trust your intuition. Trust that you know how beautiful you are. There’s always going to be people who will try to take make you feel insecure and feel like they feel. But you need to trust yourself and KNOW that is not true. There will be people who will pass judgment, opinions. Trust yourself and let their judgments and opinions pass on by. _ I had a lot of problems with this, I never trusted my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings on my body. I always looked to others to verify and took everyones opinions and judgments to heart. But once I started to trust myself I realized that no one else opinions mattered. I trusted my own and that was all I needed. _ Our pose today is an Inversion of choice ❤️ _ Hosts @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @gypsyyogalove @cherylfyoga _ Sponsor @aloyoga

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